“StarBlood Arena” Coming to PSVR on April 11, New Trailer

WhiteMoon Dreams is developing a new Playstation VR exclusive, “StarBlood Arena“, an arena battle title that was announced back at PSX last year.

Today, a new trailer for this game has surfaced on Playstation youtube channel, where Scott Campbell, the Creative Director of the studio, goes in depth about the game. The trailer also drops the release date announcement: April 11 2017.

The game will have arena of various sizes, and each of these alien environments will support 2 to 8 players. The HUD of this game displays all the vital information of the game, such as the “Heavy Weapon” charge, “Missiles”, “Mines”, “Primary Weapon” and “Shields”, and the screen view is decorated with a cockpit frame.

Battle Royale, also known as the “Carnage Mode” in the game, support 4 vs 4 team battle. There are 9 pilot characters, each offering different gameplay styles. There’s also Team Deathmatches in this game.

The game also features unlockables too. You will earn credits as you play, and the credits can be used to unlock customization items for the vehicle, as well as mods that improves the ships, such as shields, weapons and overall performance.

This game is not all about co-op play too. If you are playing solo, there are arena challenges as well, where you have to clear missions such as fighting against 7 AI bots, or Team Carnage where you are accompanied by 3 AI wingmen.