“SteamHammerVR” Gets New Mission Update, Future Plans

GamestormVR‘s “SteamHammerVR” a shooting adventure VR title in Early Access for HTC Vive, has taken another steps toward a full fledged release, as it gets a new update that adds the new Sewer Mission.

The Sewer Mission features the underground sewer system below the Victorian London town, and it’s really a maze down there. You will be encounter various enemies in these dirty tunnels, and don’t get shock if you actually see unfamiliar new enemies as well.

Dr Springhorn has equipped your exo-suit with a little head torch, just so you can navigate easier in these gloomy and dark area.

The new update also adds Supersampling option in your game menu, which help improves the visual of the title. There are of course, bug fixes in this update too.

GamestormVR will be adding a Seek and Destroy Mode as well as a DUO mode in the future, where you can have someone to cover your back.

Check out the Steam Announcement for more.

Steam Announcement