PSVR New Release: VR Tennis Online

COLOPL’s VR tennis simulation title, “VR Tennis Online“, has just been released for the Playstation VR in Japan. PSVR owners can purchase it on the Japanese PS Store, and the game carry a price tag of 2490 yen.

This game features a roster of 8 tennis characters, as well as an assortment of killer techniques and four based shots. And just like the title implies, this game features online coorperative play, but it also has offline solo play too. Your performance affects the online opponent that you face too. The more matches you win, the stronger your online opponent is.

Unlike most VR title, this game is played through a third person perspective, instead of playing through the tennis player’s eyes. The gameplay is also pretty similar to a traditional console tennis title too.

This game has been available for the Oculus Rift since last year March. The PSVR version is a port of the title.

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