Steam New Release: Cubians VR

Cubians VR is a brand new strategy defense title on Steam. This virtual reality take place in the fantasy world, populated by the inhabitants known as “Cubians”.

The world and the Cubians are made with Voxel. In this game, the player are to deploy his Cubian troops to battle against the enemy on the battle arena field. A row of 8 Cubian slots are set in front of you, with the Cubian troops standing on them. Deploying them is deploying picking them up from the slot just right in front of you, and then putting them down on the field. The Cubians will go ahead and fight against their enemies automatically. The empty slot will spawn a new Cubians, but spawning takes time, so it is crucial to know when and where to deploy them.

Besides deploying them, you can also summon magical spells. To utilize these god-like power, turn the motion controll upside down to conjure and open up a magic spell book, and you will see floating magic cards. Choose the one you will like to summon, and simply use them on the field.

There are 4 main clans of these Cubians (Empire, Nature, Undead and Goblins), and in total, over 40 different kinds of Cubians. These Cubians possesses their individual characteristics:

  1. Empire – Consist of well-trained and powerful troops. These disciplined soldiers will become more powerful if they gets into formation
  2. Nature – They are weak against fire (so if you are fighting against Nature, cast those fiery spell to burn them) and have weak physical strength, but they do have strong attack skills.
  3. Undead – These undeads know no fear, and fights with a big number
  4. Goblins – They are small and weak, but they are great against machinery.

This game from IKINA Games is compatible with the HTC Vive.

Title: Cubians VR
Genre: Strategy
Developer: IKINA Games
Publisher: IKINA Games
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing
Link: Steam Page