PSVR New Release: Headbutt Factory (JP)

Gemdrops Inc‘s Headbutt Factory has been released in Japan with a price tag of 2200 yen, digitally on the Playstation Store! It is a VR title that’s exclusive to the Playstation VR headset, and it will be releasing in other territories next month.

This title is pretty unique even as a VR title, as it is played without the use of any motion controller or gamepad. The VR headset itself is the controller. In this game, the player uses the head to headbutt balls into targets to progress the game. This action adventure title contain puzzles and actions, and player will have to head the balls to execute actions, such as opening door among others. You will get enhanced visual if you play it on the PS4 Pro too.

We have been doing a series of behind-the-scene updates on this title, based on the information which Gemdrops has drip-feed by their twitter. Check them out below.

If you will like to know how the game is played however, check out the promotional video of the game.