Google Daydream New Release: Bandit Six

Bandit Six” has been released by Climax Studios this week. It is a first person, world war II flight combat title for the mobile VR, where you play as a turrent operator on board an aircraft. The premise of the game is fairly obvious: Gun down all the opposing aircrafts you see in front of you. At the same time, you’ll be defending yourself from incoming missiles, as well as destroying opponents’ rockets before they can reach their target.

Bandit Six Salvo features over 30 missions, each progressively getting harder in later levels. Your performance for each level is graded with stars: a 3 stars is reserved for exceptionally great performance. Your accumulated stars are needed to unlock future missions too, so you have to go back to grind and improve your performance if you want to get more stars.

This game features upgrading elements for your turrent, such as the firing rate, damage, cooling (to resolve the overheating issue of your turrent) and others. There are also cargo planes which you can gun down, and they will drop power up crates which you can use to your advantage. 8 unique power-ups are up for grab in this title, which includes the Tool Kit that repairs your ship, Heavy Lead that gives you a temporary damage rate and more.

The game has been available for the Samsung Gear VR for quite a long while. The Daydream version however, features visual enhancements. The game cost $3.99, and if you have access to both mobile VR options, do consider buying it on Daydream instead. Its sequel, “Bandit Six: Salvo” where you take charge of a ground-based turret, is now also available on GearVR now and will be releasing on Daydream next week. The first 3 levels are available for download for the Daydream version now.