“The SoulKeeper VR” Coming to Early Access Spring 2017, Troll Boss Encounter Video & More

A slew of new information for upcoming HTC Vive/Oculus Rift title “The SoulKeeper VR” has been announced by HELM Systems. It is a title that take place in the world of Gerindak, featuring various different playable characters (with their own unique set of skills and gameplay), with intertwining stories. You will be engaging in melee/spell casting combat, archery, riding and controlling dragons, as well as NPCs interaction.

First thing first, SoulKeeper VR will be arriving as Early Access in Spring 2017. 10 playable levels will be available from the beginning of Early Access, and according to the developer, these levels are longer than most VR games that are released currently. This game is set to be a full fledged, featured length PC games.

Voice acted characters can be expected in this game, with deep lore extending beyond this first playable part of the world in an episodic format from multiple playable characters perspectives.


It will also have a melee combat system, requiring you to attack with actual force to penetrate armored areas of these evil Mardonians. The AI enemies is smart enough to try to breach your defenses and defend themselves against your attacks. On your side, you will also have to block, dodge and parry against their strike as well. The developer is preparing a video that will showcase the melee system in a week or two. In addition, you can expect to wield dozens of spells as well. These skill-based spells allow you to throw fireballs, summon lighting, spew flame and cast exploding ice shards, just to name some example.

If you are wondering about the locomotion, there’s no need to worry. All forms of known VR movement controls will be available, such as controller movement, room-scale movement, teleportation and an optional decoupled mode.

Boss battle is a staple for full fledged adventure title, and The Soulkeeper VR  is no exception. There is no leak of tough fights in this title, and the developer has provided a sneak peak at one of the bosses you will have to slay. Introducing the Troll Boss, a massive creature that requires a strategy use of swordplay, sorcery and even the terrain around you.

To check out the game’s Steam Page, head to the link below.

Steam Page