“Raw Data” For Rift in Playable State Now

Raw Data is a co-op sci-fi action wave shooter that’s currently one if not the most succesful VR story right now. Currently in Early Access on Steam and having already raked in over $1 million in revenue from sales on the HTC Vive users, the team behind the game, Survios, has teased that the Oculus Rift support isn’t that far out now.

On their twitter, they posted a gif, showing a developer play testing the game on the Oculus Rift with Touch controller, indicating that the support is in internal playable state now. It seems official support will come soon, and the opening of the new market should help the game to take in more money.

No date has been announced yet as to when this will come officially.

Raw Data is a game where you play one of several characters, each with their own unique abilities, as you battle against waves of killer robots in various maps. You can get to move around the map to seek cover and what’s not while taking down the various types of these robotic threats.

With the game supporting both Vive and Rift in the future and that the game features co-op mode, we hope the team will go one step further and announce cross-platform too.