Steam New Release: Neon Arena

A new HTC Vive/Oculus Rift/OSVR title has arrived on Steam. Rather than being a proper VR title, “Neon Arena” resemble more of a console title with VR compatibility: It is a top down shooter title that is played via gamepad. Needless to say it only require a seated play area.

Neon Arena is set in the year 2243, where World War 3 has divded the world onto various factions, controlled by large corporations. Conflicts between the factions is resolved on the Arena, where representatives are send there to fight for their own life. The player play as one of the gladiators on this neon arena ground.

The title features different weapons that you can unleash onto your enemies. Neon Arena features 11 Steam Achievements, as well as Local Co-op too. Developed by  , Neon Arena is currently on a 40% launch promotion. There is also an Axyos Games that include this game and 2 other non-VR titles (AXYOS, Crispy Chicken and the soundtrack for AXYOS).

Title: Neon Arena
Genre: Top-Down Shooter
Developer: Axyos Games
Publisher: Axyos Games
VR Support: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR
Play Area: Seated
Link: Steam Page