Steam New Release: Space Fist

Space Fist is a first person boxing VR title with an interesting twist that’s developed by WING VR.

Set in the year 2060, the Earth federal government has created Space Fist to select powerful individuals to eliminate and exterminate evil threats. Unfortunately, your sister’s consciousness was trapped in the game during a hacker intrusion, and now you have to get inside the game to rescue your sister.

In this title, rather than simply fight in a boxing ring, you have a wide variety of terrain to choose from, such as a caged ring, an outdoor arena and a sci-fi battle arena room. As such, you won’t be fighting typical boxer either. Expect to see opponents, say a shaolin monk and bald space marine.

The game contains 3 game modes: Fighting mode, a Story Mode and a PVP Mode. Winning matches net you crystals, which you can spend on purchasing upgrade gear.

This game is only available for HTC Vive right now with a 15% launch discount.

Title: Space Fist
Genre: Action, Boxing
Developer: WING VR
Publisher: WING VR
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page