“Awaken VR” The Fountain of Light Update Is Live

Blueprint Reality Inc‘s puzzle title “Awaken VR” on Steam has a massive update that add tons of new contents to the game.

In Awaken VR, your job as the architect of light, is to awaken the universe and the Guardians, who’s going to assist with your role, and bring back the stars. This means diminishing the presence of the darkness, which has shrouded the universe for too long.

The game was launched with 30 levels and is still in Early Access. The latest update, titled “The Fountain of Light”, adds 30 new levels in a brand new world, among others.

  • 30 new levels in a brand new world
  • A new Guardian to heal and help ascend
  • Bulleted list
  • The ability to share your levels with the world at the Create Altar
  • Find new levels, your friends’ levels, and levels highlighted by Blueprint Reality weekly at the Community Altar
  • MixCast VR mixed-reality video support – create your own mixed-reality videos easily with Blueprint Reality’s new tool!
  • Many fixes and improvements throughout the experience

Check out the full patch note here!

Awaken Site

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