Steam New Release: Unforgiven VR

Unforgiven VR is a brand new VR title developed by Delirium Studios, that is set in the wild west environment. It is now available on Steam as Early Access. In this game, VR user play as a western duelist to face other player in a shooting duel.

A shooting duel is an arranged engagement in combat between 2 players. In this game, 2 players face off against each other, and the person who gets the shot first, win. Its all about reaction time, and trying to get the fastest killing shot before the opponent.

In this game, each duel consist of several rounds, and let the players rematch if they choose too. There are several characters and weapons to choose from, as well as additional modes that let you practice your aim through different type of challenges.

Here are the type of characters you can choose, and there will be new character every few weeks.


In Solo Challenges, you get to practice your aim in the training field. You can shoot some objects here before you goes to face a living target.


The game also features a leaderboard. The developer has promised that there will be more incoming contents, such as new characters, scenarios, new NPC and more.

Title: Unforgiven VR
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Delirium Studios
Publisher: Talking About Media
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing
Link: Steam Page