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Oculus New Release: COLOPL VR Garage

Japanese VR development studio “Colopl” is not a new face to the VR games scene. They have released a bunch of VR titles like “Fly to KUMA MAKER“, “Steel Combat“, “Dig 4 Destruction” and “VR Tennis Online“. Today, Colopl has stealth launched their latest VR work in the form of a VR title “Colopl VR Garage“, exclusively for the Oculus Rift headset.

Colopl VR Garage is a social VR title that is set in a virtual garage choke full of items that you can interactive freely with, such as guns, basketball, toy blocks, fireworks and the like. With the Oculus Touch controller, you can throw basketball, play gun shooting and even take virtual photographs.

And since this is a social VR title, naturally this means you can get to interact with other VR users as well. Through the internet, up to 10 VR users can play together. Users from all over the world can compete for high scores in the gun shooting mini game too.

Colopl VR Garage is being released for free on the Oculus Rift over the Oculus Store. Since this is made by a Japanese development company, most of the users is going to be Japanese, so do keep that in mind (the app features English language support too).

Check out the screenshots for the free VR app below.