“The Golf Club VR” Is Out of Early Access Into Full Release!

The Golf Club VR” from HB Studios has been converted into a full release, after a 4.5 months stay in the Early Access phase.

The original Golf Club is a golf simulation title that has been released on the Playstation 4, Windows and XBox One in August 2014 on the Unity Game engine. Being a golf simulation title means it is a natural fit for VR, and thus the VR version for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift was created out of the original Golf Club without compromising on the content. Over 130,000, two kilometer procedurally and user generated courses are well presented and playable in this title, allowing gamers to play golf in their houses.

The Beta Branch has been closed, and with that, comes an update:

Official Release Update:
•Performance has been significantly improved – High End rigs should now be able to max out TGCVR with little to no hitching at all.
•The leaderboards and ghost ball servers have been wiped. Now’s the time to try to get to the top of the leaderboards!
•Swing speed spikes caused by tracking and framerate issues should now be significantly reduced.
•Fixed all of the text issues on Scoreboards, in the Settings, and in the ProTee Simulator that were present on the Beta Branch.

Known Issues
•Oculus – Steering the golf cart with two active controllers requires both thumbsticks to be rotated at the same time. (investigating a fix)
•Oculus – Reverse in the golf cart rarely works. (investigating a fix)

We will continue to provide some support for critical fixes and minor performance changes over the next couple weeks. However, this will mark the end of feature development though and we look forward to seeing what the future brings.

Check out the new Launch Trailer here

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