“Radiant Crusade VR” Gameplay Teaser Video, March 2017 Launch

VR Games Studio Radiance Games has just released a gameplay video from their brand new VR title “Radiant Crusade“.

Radiance Games is a newly set up studio, composed of students from Concordia University and McGill Univserity in Montréal. Their debut game Radiant Crusade has won “Best Characters, Cameras and Controls” at the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition last year, with nomination for “Best Art Direction”, “Best User Experience” and “Best Game” as well.

From the video, it seems Radiant Crusade is a sci-fi space shooter game, where you engage flight combat against unknown entities. A leveling system seems to be in place, as there is a level indicator on the cockpit. You can also see that the cockpit also display the health gauge as well as the weapons reloading bars.

The developer has also shared a loading screen few days ago, which you can check it out here. The loading screen suggest that there is an upgrading system, converted from gained power, as well as Survive (the tower builds up energy over time) and Protect the Tower (where the tower shares its energy with you)

The video also announces that this title is coming to Oculus and Steam on March 2017. A photo on their facebook page shows that it is being played on the gamepad on the Oculus Rift.

I have attempt to get in touch with the developers to ask for more details about the game, and will update as they are provided. Check out the gameplay teaser video below.