“Time of Virtual Reality” Is Publishing 3 VR Titles

A while ago, a Playstation VR title “Ancient Amuletor” was announced and will be published by Chinese developer/publisher “Time of Virtual Reality“. This is actually going to be their first try at publishing a VR game, and not only that, they will be publishing 2 other VR titles too as they announces that they are entering the publishing business as well.


As you can see from this picture, the other 2 titles are “Reborn VR” from Geronimo Interactive, as well as “LightingEnd VR“. Reborn VR looks to be a sword action title, what’s with the sci-fi samurai character, while LightningEnd VR features a cartoony aesthetic.

The previous work of both Time of Virtual Reality and Geronimo Interactive are exclusively for the Playstation VR (“Ace Banana” and “Pixel Gear“), and since Ancient Amuletor is a Playstation VR exclusive, it is highly likely that Reborn VR will be a Playstation VR exclusive title too. I am not sure who’s going to develop LightingEnd VR, but considering what has been announced and their history, LightingEnd VR may also end up as a Playstation VR exclusive too.

These titles will be at PAX East Boston for play at booth 22127.