“Vive Tracker” and “Deluxe Audio Strap” Price & Launch Date Announced

HTC has just announced the release details of the 2 add-on accessories for the HTC Vive headset, during Mobile World Congress. Both accessories were announced back at CES 2017.

According to HTC, Vive Trackers will carry a price tag of $99.99, and willbe available    to developers to order on March 27th. The release order to general public will not be available is TBA.

The Deluxe Audio Strap will have the same price tag of $99.99, but it will be up for order on May 2nd, followed by a June launch.

The Vive Tracker is an item that can be fitted to accessories to turn them into in-game item, which adds an extra layer of immersive. On the other hand, the Audio Strap is a strap that features integrated audio as well as extra comfort when wearing the Vive.