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Adult Game “VR Kanojo” Is Releasing Today For Rift/Vive

Adult game “VR Kanojo” will be releasing today for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets.

VR Kanojo features a premise that is very similar to Playstation VR title “Summer Lesson”: you will be spending some time with a female Japanese student in her room as her tutor, except that in this game, you will be entering the forbidden territory.

VR Kanojo (which literally means VR Girlfriend) from Illusion, features a female character “Sakura Yuhi”, a bright and cheerful lady that gets along with anyone. Not that it matters, since it seems you are the only one who’s going to be interacting with her. She has an eye for sweet things too, and her recent favorite is “Chocolate Bocky”.

Illusion has got some youtube videos of this game previously, but they were all removed by youtube, so they ended up hosting the videos on their site directly.

The game is not available on Steam, but you can purchase it directly through Illusion Official Mail Order Site “ILLUSION ONLINE” (NSFW). They will also be releasing a playable demo to promote the title, and you can expect to see some really adult content in the demo. No words on how it will be distributed yet, but we will be getting news on the site directly.

The game will features motion support, but they will be added at a later date. For now, player will have to settle playing it by wheel mouse and keyboard for now.