“Chess Ultra” Coming to VR Platforms This Spring

RipstoneGames has just announced that they are releasing Chess Ultra, an immersive chess title, will be launching on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC. They also states that it will be coming to “VR platforms”, but they didn’t really specify which VR platforms they are referring to.

This game is a sequel to their previous chess game Pure Chess, and has been built from the ground up by the internal development team of Ripstone. This game will also features HDR visual, and will run at a smilk smooth 60 frames per second, with texture rendered using PBR (Physical based rendering).

Due to the inclusion of XBox One, it seems this game may also be playable without VR as well. This game will be releasing in Spring, and will feature a variety of game modes and intuitive online play. No price has been announced yet.

Check out the game trailer below.