Google Announces “Virtual Rabbids”, “Beartopia” and “Along Together” For Google Daydream View

Google has just announced during Game Developers Conference 2017, 3 new VR titles for Google Daydream View.

Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan

The first title is “Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan“, based on the Rayman Raving Rabbids IP of Ubisoft. This game is a joint-work of Ubisoft and Bucharest Studios. Rabbids VR puts the user into the shoes of an agent who’s working for a classified government agency, and you have to travel across the globe to track down Rabbids who have stolen and is now in possession of the top secret nuclear safety passwords.

You will have to recover each digit of the safety password, and it won’t be an easy task, since each Rabbid is in various situations that you need to settle with. You will be interacting with gadgets, toys and tools with the VR headset and the controller.

This game is slated for Spring release, and no announcement has been made on the price tag.


Along Together

A brand new game that’s published by Turbo Button, “Along Together” is set to be an exclusive title for the Daydream platform. This platformer/puzzler title will task you to guide a young girl to look for a lost companion in a vibrant and colorful setting. Player assumes the role of the girl’s imaginary friend who can manipulate objects (such as lifting trees or moving boulders)with the controller, to assist the girl to reach her goal.

The game will features full-spatialized audio and a full length original soundtrack, with hours of gameplay across a dozen levels.

No release details has been announced yet, but they said the game will be out this year.


Beartopia is a cooperative, village-building VR title from Spry Fox. It has been teased for quite a while on Spry Fox’s Twitter, but this is the first time we gets an extended look at this title. The game will debut on Daydream, before making its way to PC and Mac after that.

The game features a rather cute aesthetic artstyle. The game will be entirely cooperative. So far there’s no release date or price yet. There’s also no clarification if this title will be VR-compatible as well for the PC version.