Samsung Gear VR

“Hidden Fortune” Coming Soon to Gear VR, New Trailer

Archiact is developing a VR title for Samsung Gear VR, titled “Hidden Fortune“, and it will be launching very soon.

This VR adventure title is presented in an episodic format. The first episode, “Outcast Cove” will be launching in Early 2017, according to announcement, and will carry the price tag of $3.99 USD. The first episode will be followed by additional chapters at a later date.

In this treasure hunt game, Hidden Fortune is set in a world filled with puzzles, secrets and crazy goat wizards. Player will embark on a journey through the chapters of a wickedly charming story, stringed by various play quests.

The web site has provided the following screenshots. You can also find a new trailer video at the end of this article as well.