PSVR New Release: Steel Combat (Jpn)

A Japanese fast paced action VR title “Steel Combat” is coming to Playstation VR today from Colopl for a price of 3990 yen. Colopl is of course, a familiar face in the VR scene in Japan by now, especially after releasing VR Garage a couple of days ago for the Oculus Rift.

Steel Combat is a sci-fi fighting battle title, featuring various brawling robots. It features 8 combat machine fighters, each having their own unique skill sets, weapons and abilities. These robots will engage in a large battle arena, where they can freely utilizes everything they have got to dismantle their opponents.

These robots carries 2 modes that can be changed: a short range battle mode as well as a long range battle mode.

Steel Combat features 3 game modes: Arcade, Online and Training. Arcade mode is a place where you will be playing against a string of AI robots. In Online mode, you can connect online to fight against other players, or even view the battle of other players as a spectator. In addition the training mode is pretty obvious: this is where you can practice combo for training purpose.

No release outside of Japan has been announced. This game will be releasing digitally on the Japan Playstation Store, and a free demo will also be available for download too. Check out the launch trailer, as well as the previous gameplay videos below.