Steam New Release: Pavlov VR

Onward VR” is set to see its first competition in the form of new VR multiplayer shooter title “Pavlov“, which just got released today in Early Access.

This title features a slew of common features, such as bots, matchmaking, dedicated servers and voice chat. Pavlov VR also features competitive Search and Destroy game mode, as well as Offline/Practice mode so you can train yourself before you go kick some asses. In addition, this game uses an “OOB” locomotion.

OOB stands for “out of body”, a teleport variation without actually teleporting, your “avatar” moves into the target location while you snap every half a second to it. This works great for people who are prone to motion sickness without breaking the game for other people, this means you can play with regular players.

Pavlov supports the HTC Vive and is developed by davevillz.

Title: Pavlov VR
Genre: Action, Shooter
Developer: davevillz
Publisher: davevillz
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page

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