Steam New Release: Dick Wilde

Dick Wilde is a first person shooting game from Bolverk Games, where you will be resolving critter horde problems.

Dick Wilde is the main character of the game, who creates bunch of custom weapons for use against animals like piranhas, alligators, and even shark as well. There are 9 different … Read the rest

Steam New Release: Twisted Arrow

First person archery/shooter title “Twisted Arrow” is up on Steam, providing player an arcade style action experience.

In this sci-fi game, you are armed with the combat bow that you can use to combat against all kinds of sinister opponents, ranging from army to the like of zombies and monsters.… Read the rest

"CyberDrifter" Steam Page Up

CyberDrifter, an upcoming vr action title, has got a Steam page. This is an Early Access title that’s under development from UziGames.

CyberDrifter is described as a retro-style action arcade title, featuring full locomotive movement for fast paced action in 360 degrees. You’ll be dodging obstacles and … Read the rest