“ROM: Extraction” Gets New Mixed Reality Trailer & New Level “Overrun”

First Contact Entertainment has just released a new expansion update for ROM: Extraction on Steam for the HTC Vive and Oculus.

The update is called “Overrun”, and it features a new level, with several new twists to the gameplay. In this game, you have to continue your journey to the escape pods after escaping the attack on the chamber. You can expect to encounter new enemies on the lower levels of the overrun ship and escape to the planet surface.

Here are the change logs from the Steam Announcement.

New Features:

  • Experience increased intensity in this continuation of the ROM story
  • Battle against enemies in dynamic, interactive locations
  • Enemies exhibit new, highly dangerous behaviors
  • Use the environment to your advantage–be on the lookout for destructibles
  • New leaderboards for each game mode
  • Featuring the track “Kill Room” by drum & bass duo Delta Heavy

And of course…the EOS-15!

  • A brand new two-handed plasma rifle with orb-launching capabilities
  • Grab the EOS-15 when you shoot the floating gun power-up token
  • Use the EOS-15 to “Launch, Slow, Shoot”–a new twist on the core game mechanic that gives you an orb-launching, auto-firing weapon of destruction
  • When “jumpers” are in close proximity, use your pistol or EOS-15 to pop off their heads!

Full Patch Notes:

  • New level – Overrun
  • Audio volume adjustment
  • New music – “Kill Room” by Delta Heavy
  • Updated animation sets
  • New Hit reaction animations
  • New Fire stance animations
  • EOS-15 two-handed rifle via power up token
  • Robot head decapitation of jumpers
  • Jumping suicide-robot AI type (beware!)
  • Updated front end environment
  • New leaderboard for Overrun level
  • Widescreen output for better recording/streaming (when social screen is disabled)
  • Improvements in framerate optimization—in ROM’s graphical settings, users can opt for MSAA instead of TAA (Temporal AA), increasing GPU frame time by 25%. MSAA bringing additional crispness to the rendering.

Check out the 2 new videos they have released.

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