“Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope” Gets Content Update

Croteam’s Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope , an action shooter title on Steam Early Access, has a new update that adds a massive amount of content to the game.

Build 293518 for Serious Sam: The Last Hope is released. 

Here are the changes:

New features:

  • A whole new planet, Shaanti, with four different locations and five difficulty settings.(Note: Cooperative for Shaanti is coming in the next update.)
  • Three new game mechanics!
  • Nine new enemies!
  • And one big boss!

Improvements and optimizations:

  • Left hand weapon is no longer mirrored, so eventual texts on it will not look inverted.
  • Screen areas not visible due to HMD lens distortion are now masked and don’t render, yielding better performance
  • Fixed darker display on right eye when using RiftCat on some devices.
  • Mixed Reality now supports portrait camera mode. This makes it easier to fit a human actor inside the frame.
  • Some menu buttons in some menus were clipped. Fixed. (Most notably in Mixed Reality Wizard, Credits menu, etc)
  • Improved Performance autodetection, for cases where single-pass VR rendering is used.
  • Fixed in-game menu sometimes not opening in front of player in room-scale setups.
  • Tons of stability fixes and optimizations.

If you experience serious issues (no pun intended), you may switch to “previousversion” branch.

Here’s how:

  • locate the game in the Steam’s “Library” panel
  • right click and invoke “Properties”
  • select the “Betas” tab
  • choose “previousversion”

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