“Singspace” Multiplayer Karaoke Mode Announced

Singspace for Samsung Gear VR  from Harmonix Music is coming soon, and they have a blog post to detail the game.

This intergalactic karaoke mobile VR title is set to have live, multiplayer Karaoke feature, allowing you to torture the ears of your peers with your singing.

Character Customization

In this game, you will be able to customize your avatar (from a variety of hair, skin, accessories) and change your outfits.



Solo Mode

The game has got a solo mode, where you can warm up your vocals in front of a cute robot crowd. You can watch the crowd react to your performances as you belt out your favorite songs.


Karaoke Bar

The Karaoke Bar is where you can hang out with your friends at the end of the universe. SingSpace is more than a virtual meet up – It is a live, in-person multiplayer karaoke experience. SingSpace will be coming to Gear VR in Spring 2017.


Harmonix Music Site