Survios Announced “Spring Vector”

Survios, developer of the highly successful action wave shooter VR title “Raw Data” has just announced their next VR title in the pipeline over at GDC.

Titled “Spring Vector“, this game will have the player engage in some fast pace gaming in the form of a blend of running/racing/parkour. And its not all running, as players will have to climb as well as fly in the sky. Competitors will pit against each other in the race across inter-dimensional courses with platforming elements.

The developers has assured that despite the description, they have come up with what they called a “fluid motion system” so people wouldn’t suffer motion sickness from it.

What’s so interesting is the locomotion of this title. Player will have to move their arm in a ski-ing motion: hold an arm forward, press and hold the button and release, and then the other arm.

No release detail has been set yet, but the game is still in early development so it will take a while for it to be released. It has a playable demo on GDC 2017 through the HTC Vive headset.