“The Gavreau Effect” VR Announced

It seems Pocket Money Games has been rather busy, having released their first 2 VR titles “Henry The Hamster Handler” and “Wacky Wings” on Steam last month, with “Dimension Hunter” soon to follow at the end of March, and now they have announced their 4th VR title, “The Gavreau Effect“!

The Gavreau Effect is a free locomotion, stealth/horror title with an emphasis on player’s choice. The actions that the player takes can and will affect the story and the missions.

In the story of this game, a terrifying terrorist attack incident has just occurred at an office building. As a worker in the building, you wakes up, only to have discovered that the building has been quarantined. The people inside are acting irrationally and violently. The horror isn’t confined within the building though, as you soon discovered that the tragedy are spreading across the city. Your job now is to escape the building and get back home to protect your family. To make matter worse, you have no weapons, nowhere to run, and your instinct to survive is the only thing to protect you.

This game seems to place heavy focus on the audio. Utilizing Steam’s brand new audio dev kit, 360 binaural sound and occlusion has been added, allowing you to not only hear the enemies, but you will be able to tell the exact location of them.

A demo of this game will arrive later this month on Steam. No release date for this title has been announced yet.