“Lola and the Giant” Google Daydream View Teaser Trailer

Climax Studios (Hunters Gate dev) is set to release a brand new adventure-puzzle virtual reality title, “Lola and the Giant” exclusively on the Google Daydream View headset device. This game is set to be both a third and first person title, as you will be play as 2 characters:Lola, and the Giant.

Lola is a young girl who possesses the power to change the size of objects, which is a vital ability for her to clear the puzzles. Take for example, she can expand platforms to make her jump easier.

The Giant itself, is played from a first person perspective. The stone giant is capable of smashing obstacles out of the way, or even moving rocks as well. In this game, you will be switching between the Giant and Lola frequently.

While the teaser trailer focuses on the dark cave environment, the whole game will take place in other places too.

There’s no release date nor price set yet for this title.