“Raw Data” Update 0.6 Will Include Cross-Platform Play, Oculus Home Release & More

Survios‘ highly successful title “Raw Data” will be getting an Update 0.6 next month, that will brings a slew of new contents: “a Saija ability rework, new Boss abilities, and a devastating new Data Chamber mission–we’re also launching the official Oculus Touch build of Raw Data on Oculus Home.”

Survios states that this is not a simple port, as they have optimized the game for Oculus Rift and Touch, such as support for two-camera 180 tracking for gamers with limited-size playspace, and three-camera mode.

As per title, this game will have cross-platform functionality, allowing VR players on Steam to play and interact with VR players on Oculus Home. This helps to increase the player pool which is great for online play.

Survios also teased that there are more news coming tomorrow at AMD keynote livestream tomorrow at 10.30am PST.

Raw Data is currently in Early Access on Steam, and is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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