CCP Games: “Gunjack” Sold Over Half Million & More

Three is a GDC 2017 coverage on with CCP Games CEO Hilmar Petursson, where he reflects on 13 years of his sci-fi phenomenon, after posting record revenue and doubles EVE’s DAU.

In the article, we learnt that EVE: Gunjack (cockpit sci-fi flight shooter) has sold more than 500k copies across all platforms that it is released. Here are the platforms and their release date (in release order)

Its sequel “EVE: Gunjack 2 End of Shift” is currently available exclusively on the Google Daydream platform.

Here’s an extract from the article:

But it’s not just EVE which is succeeding. CCP went long on VR, releasing multiple titles across nearly all conceivable platforms last year and investing serious time and money. It’s nearly recouped that investment already.

“There were a lot of releases on the VR front. And even if the VR market is in its early stages, if you’re fortunate enough to have started early and really worked hard at it you can have success in the VR space. Gunjack now has sold over a half-million copies, which I think is a record – I’m certainly gonna claim it until somebody tells me they’ve sold more. And on Valkyrie, I mean, we see phenomenal player engagement. I think we’re up to three tattoos so far. That’s a measure of engagement. I don’t think anyone would have thought this would be the case for VR this early. We also see very encouraging retention and engagement metrics on Valkyrie, which is kind of our first game as a service.

I would say we’re kind of break even on VR. So that’s almost paying for itself. And then, I mean, the majority of the profit comes from Eve. When we saw virtual reality then it’s like, ‘Yes, that’s us. We’re gonna go in and we’re gonna go long, and we’re gonna learn from our own history of just making sure we take careful steps and don’t try to, kind of, ‘manifest destiny’ it, as we’ve sometimes done, where we’ve assume that just because it’s us it’s gonna be awesome. We had that period for a while, but we learned from that and have taken that definitely into VR.”

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