Steam New Release: Fancy Fishing VR

Fancy Fishing from Chinese VR company HashVR Studio has just been released on Steam, bringing you a spin of the usual action shooting VR title.

In this game, you are not going to gun down any robots or zombies. Instead, you will be shooting at fishes. Featuring 3 modes (Viewing Mode, Level Mode and Defense Mode) , the game is set in a beautiful bottom of the sea, decorated with marine life like corals, seaweeds and of course, fishes. You can cycle through different types of guns, as you uses them to shoot at the (mostly) harmless fishes, save for the gigantic sharks, which you have to dodge by bending down.

This game has been released with a 15% discount, and offers compatibility with the HTC Vive.

Title: Fancy Fishing
Genre: Action, Shooter
Developer: HashVR Studio
Publisher: HashVR Studio
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Seated, Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page