HTC Vive

Knife Media Announces RTS VR Title “Regency VR” For HTC Vive

South Africa based game dev studio Knife Media has just announced a new virtual reality, real-time strategy title “Regency VR” for the HTC Vive, featuring a fully featured medieval setting.

This game features up to 4 players multiplayer, with card based divine power system. Regency VR is build from the ground up for virtual reality, and according to the developer, there’s going to be lots of maps in this game.

In the short video that they have released, it seems you can physically interact with the buildings directly, as a hammer (controlled by the motion controller) is seen knocking on a building which repairs it. Player will be directing troops to go against other nations by attacking the enemies and their buildings as well.

There’s no much release info yet, but they will be coming soon, according to the company.