“Organ Quarter” VR Is 100% Funded, First Stretch Goal Announced

VR survival horror title “Organ Quarter” has been crowdfunded successfully on Kickstarter, amassing more than $6500 since it went live and with 3 more days to deadline. A Pre-Alpha Demo is also available on Steam, if you wants to have a try before pledging for the stretch goal.

This adventure title from Outer Brain Studios, melds the main staples of a survival horror game, such as labyrinthine environment, resource management and puzzles to the possibilities that can only be done in VR (hand tracking and room-scale). It is designed to resemble the old school horror games on console, and the developer stressed that it is not a wave shooter or a walking simulator.

According to the developer, this game will features both indoor and outdoor areas, and the indoors will really bring you that tight claustrophobic feel, and the areas are interconnected like a traditional adventure title on console. In this title, you assume the role of a man named “Dr Alset” who after a long period of isolation in his apartment, discovered that the entire city has been infected. Now you have to leave your home to explore the city that has turned into a horror nightmare of puzzles and grotesque beings.

With the successful funding of the title, the developers has moved on to announce the first stretch goal of the game, which features Roguelike challenge mode.


Organ Quarter is targeted for a July-August 2017 release on the HTC Vive. The game will come to Oculus Rift with Touch compatibility within several months after the HTC Vive launch (within 2017). After that, a non-VR version will be released.