Steam New Release: Dark Legion VR

First person shooter Dark Legion VR is a new title that has just been released on Steam as Early Access title.

This title is a sci-fi adventure title, that features fast-sliding teleporting locomotion. You play as a chief officer who have his spaceship crash-landed on a mysterious planet, while on route back to Earth during a space mission. While exploring the mysterious planet for energy source to return to Earth, you discovered that the planet holds a secret: that a military troop has been manufacturing mutant creatures that’s going to be a threat for humanity. You armed yourself with the arsenal and go all out to defeat the dark legion.

There is a wide range of weapons you can use, from the sniping rifle, to bow and arrows, shields, shotguns and more. You will be needing them, as the enemy you face will be rather intelligent, capable of dodging, ducking while trying their best to take you down. You will also come across various powerups in the form of health restore, weapons and ammunition.

If you are wary, this is not a wave shooter at all. The game is out now with a 15% launch discount.

Title: Dark Legion VR
Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter
Developer: Ice World
Publisher: Ice World
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page