Ironwolf VR Launching Next Mon, Early Access Trailer

Ironwolf VR is coming to Steam next Monday in Early Access, and Ionized Studios has released a trailer to illustrate what this game is going to be like.

In this indie title, player will be able to control submarine to sink ships and planes, using the flak gun and deck gun respectively, as well as enemy frigates and destroyers in naval battle. The game can be played in all types of play area, but having bigger play areas doesn’t gives any gameplay advantage. It will also offer multiplayer mode both local and online. In solo however, 1 player will be playing in VR while the other player plays on traditional flat screen monitor with mouse and keyboard.

All of the interactive elements in the submarines are within the 2m x 1.5m room scale area, and since you won’t be travelling around, there won’t be any moving in this game. Moving across compartments though, is simply done by physical control operations such as opening door and hatch.

As for controlling the submarine itself, it is said that they are all physical based: operating levers and switches will mimick their real life counterparts.

To have a visual idea of the game, check out the video below.