“Enigma Sphere” Coming to Vive in Spring & More

Enigma Sphere is a VR escape room/ action puzzle title from Japan-based company YOMUNECO. This is a title build from the ground up exclusively for VR, and support motion control scheme.

Enigma Sphere is a single player as well as an online title. Its online co-op mode is where players can team up with other super agents to solve difficult puzzles, take on the role of shattering the Spheres and advance the plot together. In this game, the story beings with alien lifeforms plotting to destroy earth from light-years away. The player is part of an elite team of Super Hackers responsible for taking control of the aliens’ android army.

Enigma is currently available for purchase on the Oculus Store .

According to announcement, this title will be appearing at Sega Amusement Theme Park Joypolis at Osaka Umeda. The title that will be playable will be the “Amusement Theme Park version” of the game, and will be available for play from March 20th. The operation time and price will be announced on the site of Umeda Joypolis at a later date. The game itself will allow 2 players to play simultaneously (with voice chat support) at the theme park.


The game will also have an “Enhanced Version” that will be releasing on Vive (via Steam) in Spring 2017. In addition to Story Mode, there will also be a Sphere Attack Mode.

The Sphere Attack mode is a new time-limit mode whereby player compete to destroy the spheres. The game will be set with a 3 minutes time limit, and it will take place in a special stage of Enigma Sphere. Points will be earn by destroying the enemies and the spheres. 2 players will compete or cooperate to aim for the highest score

There will be a Normal and Hard difficulty. In Hard mode, the spheres are harder to break, and enemies will even interfere with the progress.