Firesprite Announces New PSVR Horror Title “The Persistence”

Liverpool-based developer Firesprite has just announced a first person horror experience for the Playstation VR, titled “The Persistence”.

In this game, you will play on board a research vessel by the name of “The Persistence”, sent to study a collapsing star. Unfortunately, an accident occurred, and as a the result, the ship’s attempt to reconstruct the deceased crewmembers go horribly wrong and they got turned into freakish mutants instead.

You play as a crewmember who wakes up from cryosleep, and you have to get the engines back online while trying to escape the clutches of the nearby black hole.

The interior of the ship is entirely procedural generated, so you won’t see the same room layout or threats everytime. You are expected to die frequently in this game anyway, and as you play, you will collect stem cells that enhanced your character after death, which in turn increases your survival possibility.

You are armed with the Stem Cell Harvester, the weapons which you will be using to extract the cells from the enemies. The Gravity Bomb ejects a miniature black hole that swallow the nearby enemies, while the Rage Serum Injector gives you super strength for some arm combat. There are other conventional firearms as well.

This game also comes with a smartphone companion app that allows non-VR user to participate in the gameplay too, but viewing the level layout and identify upcoming threats or items.

The game is set to come out for a May 2017 release, but no price nor other platforms are announced yet.

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