Oculus New Release: AFFECTED The Manor

AFFECTED for VR is one of the earliest VR title for the Oculus Rift, with its predecessor version released for the DK1 back in 2013. Fallen Planet Studios has divided the AFFECTED title into 3 separate chapters: The Manor, Asylum and The Carnival respectively.

The first in the trilogy, “AFFECTED The Manor” (which is a psychological horror walk-through experience) is currently available for the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View. Today, the title is now released for the Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch compatibility, on the Oculus Store.

The title will be coming to HTC Vive next, followed by the next 2 chapters (Asylum and The Carnival) in the trilogy, which will be launching on Vive/Rift/mobile VR too.

The first chapter of the AFFECTED trilogy is now available on Oculus Rift.

There are no puzzles to solve or high scores to beat in this terrifying horror walk-through, so venture deep into the darkness but beware what lurks within.

With over 200 million YouTube hits and countless features worldwide, the most popular horror experience in VR is now available for Oculus Rift with Touch compatibility.

‘AFFECTED: The Manor’ is a beautiful a VR experience with a choice of routes and 4 alternate endings…but can you make it through!

“The original VR horror experience” Oculus

WARNING: This experience uses Jump Scares! You have been warned!

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