Behind The Scene Update #6 on Gemdrops “Headbutt Factory”

Gemdrops has been continuing their daily info drip on their upcoming virtual reality title, “Headbutt Factory” for the Playstation VR. We have been consolidating their feeds every week or so into a series of “Behind The Scene” look update, and here’s the latest, 6th in the series. If you will like to check out the previous updates, you can do so via the following links.

Headbutt Factory is a VR game that can be played without the controller. In this game, player will be headbutting balls to solve puzzle and maybe engage in battle to progress the game. Headbutt Factory has been released digitally in Japan on 17 February , and March 1st in Asia region.

Lets start off with this screenshot of the game, depicting a strange walls that contains some contraptions or sort.


As well as the screenshot below, depicting two of the inhabitants headbutting a cube with some sort of a thick impervious glass, not caring whether if it breaks or not.


The game developer shared one way how they adapt their game development skill into VR for an enhanced experience. In traditional game, the ground outside is usually “flat with buildings built on top in such a way that our line of sight runs from the horizon upwards.”


Due to VR however, this game removes itself from that norm, by using a spatial structure that allows the line of sight to run below the horizon. In other words, you can cover more ground and there are more things to see, not only in front of you, but also below you.


The screenshot seems to be taken after a certain event in the game beyond the barricade, causing a disturbance of some kind that make these curious inhabitants to gather.


According to Gemdropd, the BGM vocal performance in this game is provided by Mineko Yamamoto, a Japanese musician who is no stranger to singing for video games, with experiences including Atelier Totori and Ar tonelico. The BGM will be playing somewhere in the game, as well as in promo video #2.

Kodera of Gemdrops shared the screenshot below of the night scene in the game. There’s a giant door in the distance, and he teased that the answers to this world and its inhabitants may lie beyond that door.


In the next screenshot, you can see 2 inhabitants parting way, and they seems a little sad.


A concept art below has also been shared, with the final result depicted in the lower part of the picture. You can see that the big ears is based on one of the concept, while the rest of its body is original.


You may run into these tough guys who are standing up on these pillars, watching over you for some reason.


Here’s a concept art from Masuda, whom (I guess) is the concept artist for the game. These drawings were scribbled when they decided that they were going to build an arcade style pathway in the sky.


It is said that if you look at these inhabitants who are minding their own businesses, staring into the blank and such, they might look back and stare right back at you.

Here’s a scene of a drill guy popping his head out of the window in the gear zone. These gears are what powers the ‘factory’.

Just so the environment looks more lively, the developer has added flying creatures in the game. Here’s a concept of the bird/fish hybrid.

These purple inhabitants seems to emit an uneasy feel due to their colours.

Here’s a beautiful depiction of the sky world in this game. Every structure looks to be rather floaty, and while not obvious, contain puzzles.

Here’s a screenshots of 2 inhabitants interacting. Its impossible to tell from this screenshots if they are arguing, flirting or what.

And just a reminder again, this game has got puzzles. Here’s one of the puzzles, where you have to use the ball to break the glass panels and hit the target behind them.

Here’s an art that shows the idea behind the police inhabitant.

These transparent cubes look to be one of the game elements. My game sense suggest that they will disappear at intermission and you cannot stand on it when they are transparent.

And that’s all for the update this time.