“STRAFE” Delayed

Pixel Titan‘s STRAFE  , an upcoming shooter title that will be published by Devolver Digital, has been delayed from March 28th to May 9th, according to their latest Kickstarter update.

The game had a successful funding on Kickstarter and initially announced with Oculus Rift VR support, STRAFE was subsequently announced for Playstation 4 and HTC Vive.

STRAFE is a first person shooter with a retro 3D shooter aesthetic, that features auto-generating levels with billions of possibilities. According to the descriptions, the enemies are randomized as well, and there will be hidden secrets waiting for you to discover too. This game also features weapons and power-ups that can be upgraded to change your play style and increase your survival chances.

Hey Killers!

STRAFE® requires over 150,000 meticulously placed polygons to create its bleeding edge graphics. Through an unexpected legal entanglement and a series of clerical errors, nearly 25,000 of those polygons arrived late to Pixel Titans world headquarters thus delaying the game by a few weeks.

We are incredibly close to being done with the game! We’re cramming the last few secrets in, working on gun polish, and game balance but that doesn’t leave us with enough time for the level of polish and optimization we want so we are delaying the game for just over a month to May 9th.

No one wants STRAFE® to be released more than us but we want to make sure it reaches a certain level of quality and this extra month will help us. We will have post-release support but STRAFE® is not an early access game so we want to make sure it plays great out of the gate.

STRAFE will be coming to PC, MAC and PS4 on May 9th.

Thom & Stephen