PSVR New Release: Leave The Nest

Leave The Nest” which launches for Playstation VR today, is a casual arcade style port from the HTC Vive and OSVR.

Created by Kaio Entertainment, Leave The Nest is basically a VR, first person remake of the mobile hit title “Flappy Bird”. In this endless “flapper”, player has to flap their arms by the side to stay afloat in the air, to avoid hitting into the obstacles. And as you may have guessed, this is a rather physical title, as you will be constantly swinging your arms up and down with the motion controllers in hands throughout the game.

You will be dodging and avoiding obstacles such as volcano lava, graveyard ghosts, windows and more. To mix things up, you can collect tokens and power up items too, such as shield and magnet.

This title features 16 birds and 25 levels for you to flap your way through.

Don’t expect any extensive narrative or high end graphic though, and do expect casual fun instead. The game has been tested extensively with over 600 testers, to make sure this game doesn’t induce motion sickness.

If you are thinking of passing this title because you fear this is too much of a workout for you, fear not as it also supports dual shock gamepad support. Check out the trailer below.