“Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR” Announced for HTC Vive, Screenshots, Teaser Trailer

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR just got announced for HTC Vive!

It is a sci-fi sports title from 10AntsHill,  whereby you can take on “challenging rivals in the singleplayer campaign to climb the ladder of the Crown Galaxy”. Racket Fury will be coming to Steam Early Access in April 2017, and there’s already a Steam Page.

According to its Steam description, a war 2 millennia ago, has taken out many lives of the Zen, and Racket Fury Tournament emerged as a result to maintain peace in the Crown Galaxy. You play as an aspiring Zen who are challenged to join the most prestigious team in this interplanetary competition, the Division of Steel.


Your journey includes facing all 16 members of the team throughout 4 challenging Cups. In single player, every opponent you face will have their own unique style of play, and with every matches, you gets stronger with skill enhancement.

Mocap is being used to deliver the most realistic characters’ movements in this game. The motion capture in the recording were performed by professional table tennis players, making the motion as fluid and good as possible.

The game will also feature online multiplayer too, allowing you to challenge other players worldwide.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 14th, Katowice, Poland – Racket Fury is a VR game that allows the player to step into the most intense table tennis experience. Its creators claim to maintain just the right balance between arcade and simulation and promise the game should be a real treat for the fans of memorable Sport Champions for PS3, engaging you with an exceptional and competitive game even if you’re far from calling yourself a master of table tennis.

The passion for each sport comes from the very depths of its origins. After an all-out war that took almost 2 millennia and claimed many lives of the Zen – Racket Fury Tournament emerged as the remedy to maintain peace in the Crown Galaxy. A fast-paced, strategic game that  became an interplanetary phenomenon, bringing all the Zen together. As an aspiring Zen, you are challenged to join the most prestigious team that dominated the entire competition – the Division of Steel.

What makes Racket Fury so special and worth giving a try?

First of all, the game offers a singleplayer campaign with 4 challenging Cups, each of which will bring you completely different experience. Thanks to a particularly advanced Artificial Intelligence in singleplayer, each of 16 opponents you’re going to play against have their own temper and an utterly unique style of play. Importantly, the developers have also focused on implementing the multiplayer mode that allows you to get involved in heated exchanges with players from all over the world.

To deliver the most realistic characters’ movements, the creators relied upon motion capture data for the animations. The actors participating in the recording were in fact professional table tennis players, which translates each player’s swing into one, fluid motion and makes the rivalry as realistic as possible. Sebastian Boczek, the CEO of 10Ants Hill, pays a special attention to the fact that apart from focusing on the simulation aspect of the game, he and his team were doing their best to incorporate the advanced physics and “maintain just the right balance between arcade and simulation to provide fast-paced, yet immersive gameplay.

To gain the initial exposure, the developers have just released their Announcement Teaser, in which they encourage the users to sign up for beta tests. As Sebastian Boczek puts forward: “Our intention is to release an Early Access in April, 2017. In the Early Access phase we plan on adding more characters, improving the core gameplay mechanics as well as adding more content based on users’ feedback. When we are satisfied with the amount of entertainment our players will receive, then we will go for a full release. We want Racket Fury to become a competitive and active VR game where each and every player will want to play time and time again.”

You can sign up for the closed beta here.