Oculus New Release: Gnomelings: Migration

Prismic Studios LLC is launching a new Oculus Rift title “Gnomelings: Migration” on the Oculus Store.

This strategy title take place in the land of Ventocia, where a group of Gnomelings are on the move. You play the role as a god, who has to make sure they reach their journey safe and sound. You can’t control these Gnomelings directly, which means you do everything to make sure their paths is free of traps and obstacles.

You will be constructing contraptions, removing traps, directing their paths, teaching them how to parachute across gaps and many other actions, as these Gnomelings mindlessly make their way across to the destination.

The game is said to have 2D non-VR mode in the future, with keyboard and mouse control. The game is currently on Steam Greenlight now.