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“Pavlov VR” Adds 2 New Maps

2 brand new maps has been added to Pavlov VR on Steam: Bridge and SNDMap, the latter is ‘unnamed for the time being’.

Pavlov VR is a VR Steam title that currently support HTC Vive. It is a multiplayer shooter title that was released at the end of last month, and serves as a competitor to Onward VR.

These maps are currently in a state of ‘blockout’, whereby they are still in the early phase of the design, and the finer details of the maps are not implemented. davevillz is currently seeking feedbacks from players who are playing it.

Here are the rest of the change log:


– Fixed bomb getting picked by defending team
– Fixed several lobby & connectivity issues
– Fixed strafing footsteps
– Fixed slow on leg hit

– Added testing maps
– Added auto-kick on TK in S&D
– Added TK & Switch penalty
– Added Auto Re-buy in TDM
– Net code improvements

Thanks for all the support!

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