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“ALICE VR” Update Incoming Soon

Sci-fi adventure/puzzle title ALICE VR is a single player, story-driven title that take place on a mysterious planet. This title, released back in Oct 27 last year, is inspired by Alice in Wonderful, and contains immersive and beautiful graphic, as well as atmospheric electronic soundtrack.

In this title, you wakes up from a cryo sleep from a spaceship that has just encountered an unexpected malfunction, forcing you to make an emergency landing on an unfamiliar planet. Your objective is to search for sufficient fuel to escape. This task gets rather complicated as the planets’ citizens has disappeared.

ALICE VR is getting an update soon, according to the latest announcement from the developer (Carbon Studio). The update will contain fixes, more gameplay, and additional localization when it arrives. There’s no date on when the update will come, but it won’t be very far off. For now though, they announced that this game now supports Linux.

This game supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR.