White Elk Studios Revealed “Eclipse: Edge of Light” Trailer for Google Daydream View

White Elk Studios has just revealed and announced their upcoming Google Daydream View VR title “Eclipse: Edge of Light“. This title is under co-development by both White Elk Studios and Section Studios.

Designed for VR, Eclipse is a first-person exploration game set on a sentient planet with a dark past. At its core is a mysterious story of a world filled with discovery and wonder. You awake after crash-landing to find yourself in a dreamscape environment, littered with the remnants of a failed civilization.

You find a supernatural relic, the Artifact. This device allows you to control elements of the natural world and interact with the ancient technology.  It is constructed of different fragments, each giving you new powers to control the physical world, on an ever increasing scale. Your goal is to collect these fragments, uncover the mysteries of the past, and escape the planet.

White Elk has partnered with Section Studios and Art Director Cecil Kim to co-develop our first title.

No release date has been set yet, but it will be coming out soon. While the title will be Daydream exclusive, the developer said that it can be released on other platforms after that.