“Eye In The Sky” Announced, Trailer

Eye In The Sky” is a newly announced title that is going to be releasing on Steam as Early Access in April. This is a title that is designed for the HTC Vive, and make use of Room scale play area.

Eye In The Sky is described by VinLia Games as a “co-op story driven puzzle game that immerses two people in its atmosphere and challenges them with its unique mechanic”. It is an asymmetrical co-op escape rooms title, that allows a VR player and another player to play together locally on the same PC (the non-VR player will play on the monitor). Both players has to share information to each other to work together and overcome the obstacles on a journey to the center of a post-apocalyptic robot planet.

The VR Player takes on the form of the “Eye”. Interacting with objects in the world from a birds eye view and guiding the “Light” to help find pieces to the puzzles they have to solve.

The PC Player will be the “Light”. A small robot, seemingly insignificant but essential for the “Eye”. Venturing into the nooks and crannies of the world where the “Eye” can’t reach, the “Light” can gather information, guide the “Eye” to hidden areas and collect vital parts of each and every puzzle.

The game also features a collection of single player VR puzzles though, that is separated from the main game, if you are playing it without any friends around.