Sony Playstation VR

In Depth Looks at Sony's "China Hero Project" Games (The Walker, Kill X, The X Animal, Pervader, Project Boundary)

Sony revealed a slate of Playstation titles, as part of their “China Hero Project” which we covered a while ago. 5 out of the 10 announced titles are playable on the Playstation VR. In this entry, I’ll give you an in depth look at these 5 titles, including trailers, logos, and screenshots.

The Walker


The Walker (行者) is a title from Haymaker / Renyi Technology LLC, that fuses both the ancient China culture in modern setting as its based. In this title, the ghost-hunting practice (via talisman) in China tradition is brought to the modern world: Player will be playing as a practitioner in the modern age, who possesses spiritual power. He can use various types of talismans and modern weapons to protect the city and engage battle with supernatural beings. He can also uses his extensive eyesight to locate creatures that are hiding in dark corners.

The game is set to have online player: player can team up to fight against monsters, or engage in PvP battle. The game will be releasing on the Playstation 4 this year, with Playstation VR support.

Kill X


Kill X (除夕) is Playstation 4 title that supports traditional control, with Playstation VR compatibility. In autumn last year, a demo for this title was released on the Playstation Store in China, and has received great reception. Kill X is more than a shooter title, according to VIVAGAMES. It is also an adventure title, with many action elements and puzzles as well.  This title is scheduled for release in China on October 13.

The X Animal


This is an original IP from Internet Stars / Beijing Hulianxingmeng Technology Co., Ltd, that blends shooting, tower defense and the mobile snake game, and is presented in a low poly aesthetic. it is said that this game has bagged several local and international game awards. The casual game is designed to be played alone or with family members, regardless of age, and is played using the PS Move. The X Animal (人类拯救计划) is a seated experience, with a single player mode, local multiplayer as well as online multiplayer mode.

The characters of X-Animal

In this title, humanity has send living animals into the outer space for experimental purpose, but who’s going to protect the lives of these animals? Who is going to protect humanity when they can’t defend against the extraterrestrial threats? While the aliens are executing their humanity-extermination project, these animals will be executing their humanity-rescue project of their own.




Pervader VR (弥漫) from Beijing Light & Digital Technology Co., Ltd, is a Playstation VR title is an Unreal Engine 4 title, and user will be able to play as different roles to experience the dangers from different perspectives. According to the developer, as this is a China product, they will be adding various China elements in some parts of the game, so that their players can feel a sense of familiarity among the fresh gameplay.

Project Boundary


Project Boundary from Studio Surgical Scalpels Co., Ltd, puts the player into the suit of an armed astronauts. Equipped with self assembled weaponary, the player will be engaging in free-flow, zero gravity space travel and battle, across day and night in the outer space. It is said that this game will have 2 versions: a single player, narrative-driven adventure version, as well as an online 8 v 8 battle version.